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1/48 Scale Kits

Mi-24 Hind Cockpit Detail Set
MH-60K Nighthawk Super Detail Set
H-60 Blackhawk Seats and Wheels
SH-2 Seasprite Cockpit Detail Set
SH-2 Seasprite Exterior Detail Set
AH-1W Cobra Cockpit Set
UH-60J Rescue Hawk Nose Conversion
AH1T-Cobra Cockpit Set
AH-1J Cobra Cockpit Set
A-1E/AD-5 Skyraider Cockpit Detail Set
KA-6D Intruder Tanker Conversion
D-704 "Buddy" Refueling Pod
F-8 Crusader Backdate Conversion Kit
F-8 Crusader Landing Gear Correction Set
Martin Baker Mk.5 Ejection Seats
UH-1N Marine Huey Update and Detail Set
F-8 Crusader Zuni Double Rocket Pods
Mi-24 Hind Exterior Detail Set
F-105D "Rolling Thunder" Weapon Set Vietnam 1967
Mi-24 Hind F "Twin Cannon" Gunship Conversion
Mi-24 Weapons Set #1
Mi-24 Weapons Set #2
Mi-24 Weapons Set #3
MH-53J PAVE LOW III Conversion set
F-16 Aggressor set

SH-60B Super Detail Set  

SH-60F Conversion and Super Detail Set  

UH-1C HUEY Hog Detail Set

1/48th Scale S-58T Conversion Set

 Mirage F1C Cockpit Detail Set

HH-60H conversion    

HH-60J conversion   
MH-60L conversion for Minicraft/Academy UH-60L  

MH-60L DAP weapons set  

CH-46 Detail set for Academy kit

AH-1G Conversion Set for Fujimi AH-1J

OV-1A/JOV-1A Cockpit Detail Set

OV-1 Mohawk Main Wheelwells

OV-1 Mohawk Turbine Exhaust pipes

 OV-1B Mohawk Cockpit detail set

 OV-1 Mohawk SLAR Boom (early)

48042 OV-1 Mohawk Illumination Pods

48043 OV-1C Mohawk Cockpit Set "Red Haze"

48044 OV-1D Cockpit Detail Set

48045 OV-1D Exterior Detail Corrections

48046 OV-1 SLAR Boom, late

48047 ALQ-147 V1 IR Jammer

48048 MH-53J/M Interior Detail set

 48049 MH-53 Weapons package

48050  XM 23 Weapons

48051 CH-53E Detail set

Helicopter Firefighting Water Tank

J-79 Engine Exhausts-Short Feathers

J-79 Engine Exhausts-Long Feathers

F-16 jet exhaust for P&W equipped aircraft

USCG HH-65 Interior Conversion

H-34 Detail Set

UH-1 Auxiliary Fuel Bladders Set

SeaHawk External Sensor

RV-1D Quicklook Pods

T-33 Update Set

48062 SH-2F Correction Set

SH-2 Sonobuoy Launcher  

MV/CV-22 Upgrade Detail Set

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